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Social-News.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 12/09/2011

The Sims Social Surges On Facebook

The Sims Social surpassed 9.3 million daily active users last week, making it the second most popular game on Facebook by daily active users – and growing! It’s a fantastic milestone for the Playfish London studio and The Sims franchise. And the fact that the title has helped EA become the #2 Social Game company in the world is also special – thanks to all our fans for making this possible!

When we founded Playfish in late 2007, well before anyone knew or talked about social games, our vision was to change how the world plays games by creating social and connected experiences between friends using social networks as our platform. We wanted to create experiences where what happens on screen is only part of the game, and where the real driver of game play is social interactions between friends. Two of our most enduring and popular games, Pet Society and Restaurant City, were early big successes with top rankings on the platform thanks to some pioneering early social play features – visiting friends, hiring friends as staff in your restaurant, and helping them - while at the same time competing with them.

The Sims Social has taken a huge leap forward in the evolution of Playfish and social games, not just in higher production values and in bringing one of the most loved game franchises to the platform, but in redefining the meaning of “social” in games and bridging the divide between the real world and the game world for our players.

The Sims Social is in lots of ways the culmination of Playfish’s original vision, and also our choice to partner with EA two years ago. By combining our technology and passion for social play with the deep creative heritage of The Sims franchise and the insights of its creators, we feel we’ve brought something very special to life. And together with the social titles from our friends at PopCap (we’re huge fans!) and our upcoming launches, we’re really pleased with EA’s social game line-up, and we hope you are too!

So welcome to the world, The Sims Social, and a huge thanks to all those who contributed to making it at the Playfish London studio, EA Play, and the countless others who helped bring the game to life. We’re excited to work with all our fans to figure out how to evolve the game and its features and are thrilled to hear all your ideas of what you’d like to see in the game. Feel free to drop us a comment or contribute to The Sims Social forums. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kristian Segerstrale
GM and Co-Founder of Playfish