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SSX-Producer-Video-News.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS News ON 16/02/2012

SSX - Own The Planet - Welcome To Siberia


Alright team, Welcome to Siberia. This is a place where ice and industry meet head-on. The landscape here is like something out of a science fiction movie. It’s an inhospitable, intolerant and, if you’re not in SSX, an almost un-rideable region.

You’re gonna be riding over, under, through and on top of some seriously tricky and wicked things. And to top it off, the ice you’re going to be up against is 6 feet thick and just as unforgiving as it looks.

Carving and braking are going to be compromised here so be sure to keep your ice axes close at all times; they’re going to be your best friends out there!

Defy Reality. Own The Planet.