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TF-Beta-Imagery.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 2/05/2014

Titanfall: Angel City Gameplay Tips

Angel City...The once bustling harbour district, has fallen victim to the IMC and is now under martial law. Massive walls and security checkpoints have divided the district and forced the once peaceful population into hiding and fear.

The tight streets and buildings offer some of the best wall-running opportunities for Pilots. Picking the right line can allow you to traverse the entire map without ever touching the ground. Using the center spire effectively is one of the key ways to navigate the map from any direction.

Equally important for Pilot’s is the use of verticality. Buildings and rooftops offer excellent vantage points and prime sniping positions. The roof above Tiffany’s Coffee Shop and the pillar atop Star Seafood are exceptional good.

Once in your Titan, use the narrow streets to your advantage. Corners and alleys allow you to bottleneck you opponents, or pin an enemy Titan in a corner.

If you do get overwhelmed, escape into the park or along the docks. Both spaces are more open and allow you to flank your enemies.

And if you’re playing hardpoint and really want to get the drop on your enemies, bring your Titan in through the skylight at point C. It’s a tricky move, but will surely get your enemy’s attention.

Titanfall is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.


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