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Titanfall | Campaign Multiplayer Mode and Game Creation | FTW September 2013

Take some of the world's finest first person shooter games designers, shove them in a room together, give it a shake and what comes out the other side? Titanfall...Matt Littler and Darren Jeffries were in Cologne for gamescom 2013 to chat with producer Drew McCoy about the ideas behind Titanfall.

Matt Littler and Darren Jeffries are in Cologne for gamescom 2013 to chat with producer Drew McCoy about the ideas behind Titanfall.

The small team at Respawn Entertainment have set out with high standards for their first title, with the concept focused around giant mech-walkers named 'Titans'. The Titans have been designed using motion capture to provide a sense of fluency and power when operating them, demonstrated in their ability to lift up and place the player in the cockpit or tear enemies out of their Titan.

Titanfall is a multiplayer experience with single player elements that occur around the players. Levels are introduced with a narrative and events occur during the online gameplay which add to the overall story. Even the ending features a bonus epilogue round in which the winning team try to hunt down the retreating losers before they can escape to their dropship.

We're here with Drew McCoy one of the producers for Titanfall, Respawn, brand new company, was there a temptation to start small and build up or was it just we're going Triple A?
Well you know we had big aspirations, but even though we're Triple A we're kind of small for what we do. We only have about seventy developers.

How does seventy developers even begin to make a game like Titanfall?
It was actually quite a daunting task, we didn't even have an office for while. We were kicking around in fold up chairs just trying to come up with an idea of something that was so fun that we couldn't stop playing it ourselves.

Titan is very unique, so where did that idea come from?
It was really our lead artist Joel Emslie. He created these fourteen inch tall, scratch built from hand robots, which were originally supposed to be just a power suit for a human. But then one day he took a little three inch guy and stood it next to the Titan model and said 'what about this?'and that really sparked the idea of this could be quite cool. You know, they've got hands, they can pick up the Pilot, they can grab guys out of the other Titans and they're motion captured. They're not traditionally animated robots. They have this feel to them.

How does this single player fuse with a multi-player?
In the campaign multi-player mode you will have something that introduces you to the level in the story of what's happening and then while you're playing there will be stuff happening around you, it's all part of the story. Then on the Angel City level you saw at the end the losing team trying to escape on a dropship and the winning team has to try and eliminate them. So the victor's already been decided but it's kinda like a bonus round.

I know it's early doors but a Titanfall movie?
Oh man...That's sounds great!


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