NHL® 07


NHL 07 puts you in command of every move on the ice, from glass-rattling checks to net-ripping slapshots.

EA SPORTS™ NHL® 07 heralds the return to the golden era of hockey videogames. With an unmatched level of freedom and control, NHL 07 now rivals its real life counterpart on the ice. NHL 07 puts you in total command with a revolutionary new Skill Stick system. Never take your hands off the analogue sticks as you take complete control of all skating on the left, and - for the first time in a hockey videogame - passing will use an intuitive motion on the right analogue stick to execute with precision. Feel like a part of the team with a level of passing fluidity that allows you to implement a realistic team strategy. Look to your team-mates and know how to best use their strengths with New Player-Specific Behaviours. Play the game like you do on the ice: Be the Playmaker and find your Sniper open in the slot, or let your Dangler make pylons out of the defence. Off the ice, act as the General Manager in an enhanced Dynasty Mode™. Do whatever it takes to meet an owner's expectations by properly managing rosters and using your creativity to fit player salaries under the new cap. Whether you're running the front office or dominating the rink, NHL 07 is the most intuitive and realistic hockey experience ever created.
  • Overview

    Skill Stick Revolution

    Experience a realistic sense of team control on the ice. Command every movement and make precise passes by directing the right analog stick towards your intended recipient.

    All-New Player-Specific Behaviours

    NHL 07 players act like their real-life counterparts more than ever with six different player types, including Danglers, Playmakers, Snipers, Power Forwards, Offensive Defensemen, and Defensive Defensemen.

    Live the Life of a GM

    Build team chemistry, sign and trade players, and negotiate contracts under the new salary cap to meet an owner's expectations. Earn trust points with every positive move then purchase upgrades for the team.

    Shootout Returns

    Become an instant hero with the most exciting play in sports. With the game on the line, all eyes are on you. Skate down the ice, read the goalie, and see if you can score the momentum-swinging goal

    Elite League Expansion

    European Elite Leagues return with the addition of the Czech Elite League and an all-new Elite League Dynasty mode that clearly distinguishes the differences between European and NHL hockey.

    EA SPORTS™ Free-4-All

    Online** or in the same room, it's every man for himself in an all-out hockey EA SPORTS Free-4-All. Using only one side of the rink, challenge up to three friends and see who can score the most goals in your fight to dominate the hockey world.

    Huge AI Enhancements

    Exclusive to Xbox 360™
    A revamped skating, deking, and shooting engine, plus strategic AI and puck physics improvements. Add a new animation system and overhauled goalie AI to create the closest thing to playing on the ice.

    Fresh Commentary

    Exclusive to Xbox 360™
    The all-star duo of Gary Thorne and Bill Clement call all the action with a fresh television broadcast style that focuses on star player and team rivalries. Storylines are introduced pre-game and change after every big hit, and momentum-swinging goal.

    Realistic Detail

    Exclusive to Xbox 360™
    See the stick flex on every slap shot, or a netminder looking a puck into his glove on a big save. The goalie’s pads even remain flush to the ice when he butterflies

    Link to your PlayStation®2 console

    Exclusive to PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable)
    Transfer your Season or Dynasty mode files back and forth between your PSP and your PlayStation®2 console. Now you can build up your team playing at home or on the road.

    Robust Dynasty Mode

    Exclusive to PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable)
    Build team chemistry, sign and trade players, and negotiate contracts under the new salary cap to meet an owner’s expectations. Earn trust points with every positive move then purchase upgrades for the team.

    Mobile Compatibility

    Exclusive to PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable)
    Intuitive control mapping, short load times and easy to use suspend features to enhance your play-on-the-go experience.

    Quality of Graphics and AI

    Exclusive to PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable)
    NHL 07 for the PSP stays true to the quality of graphics and intelligent AI you'll find on the PlayStation®2 console.

    Ad-hoc and Wi-Fi Infrastructure

    Exclusive to PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable)
    Online** or across the room, you’ll be able to turn your closest friends into rivals with head-to-head multiplayer Wi-Fi games.

    ** INTERNET CONNECTION required for online play. PlayStation®2 Online play requires Internet Connection and Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation 2) (each sold separately). Memory Stick Duo™ may be required (sold separately).

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