Ninja Reflex

"Welcome to my dojo. You have come to learn the way of the Martial Arts. If your heart and mind are open, I will pass these lessons on to you. Here, you will learn to move like the tiger and strike like the dragon! See if you have what it takes to become a Ninja!”
Wii, Nintendo DS
  • Overview

    Develop the reflexes of a Ninja

    Test your skills against up to three friends.

    Master eleven belt ranks

    On your way to attaining your 3rd Degree Black Belt.

    Six core Ninja training exercises with several variations and difficulty levels for

    - Shuriken: Defend the courtyard from attacks on all sides with throwing stars

    - Hotaru: Test your quickness against the flash of a firefly

    - Hashi: One who can catch flies with chopsticks can accomplish anything

    - Koi: Capture koi fish with your bare hands

    - Nunchaku: Crush incoming aerial assaults with your nunchucks

    - Katana: Strike down demons with your Samurai sword in a bamboo forest

    Choose a unique Ninja name

    Over 25,000 combinations.

    Calm your body, mind, and spirit

    Meditation lessons from your Sensei.

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