Orcs And Elves

As a young half-elf, your mission is to explore the mountain-citadel of Zharrkarag, a massive Dwarven fortress riddled with ancient treasure, powerful weapons, and ruthless enemies. Befriend unique characters such an ancient dragon and a talking wand as you fight your way into the deepest reaches of the fortress on your quest to expel an evil witch and her minions from the mountain’s core.
  • Overview

    Explore a Dungeon Teeming with Adventure

    Travel through a Dwarven citadel’s twelve massive levels, each riddled with evil forces and ancient treasure.

    Put your Best RPG Strategies to the Test

    Solve devious puzzles, overcome deadly traps, and battle massive forces of foul beasts.

    Master Unique Weapons and Items

    Wield extraordinary weapons including a sentient wand, a powerful warhammer, and magic swords. Use the DS Touch Screen to cast spells and make use of magic potions, enchanted rings, and dragonscale armor.

    Unravel an Award-Winning Storyline

    With over ten hours of handheld gaming, escape to a place of adventure, mystery, and sorcery with Orcs & Elves, the new first person adventure from id Software and Fountainhead Entertainment

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