R Racing

The race is just beginning... R: Racing is an extraordinary action-racing experience, from the creators of the Ridge Racer games, featuring authentic licensed cars and challenging, real-world tracks. Combining jaw-dropping graphical quality and high-performance driving physics with a spectacular storyline, R: Racing chronicles the intense competition and deep rivalries found only within the professional racing circuit. In R:Racing, Namco went all out to deliver the exhilaration and tension that make up a superb racing game. Players will live through the real experiences of a top racer, driving the circuits and threading through cities at speeds of 300 kph. All the car models have been expertly recreated from data collected on real cars from all over the world, that allows players to feel realistic features, such as the heaviness of the wheel, the engine activity, and air resistance on the car's body. Namco took special care to preserve each car's characteristics, down to the finest details. Exciting features such as the Interactive Driver AI System and in-game radio communications bring players closer to racing action than ever before! In Racing Life, two tough racers, Rena Hayami and Gina Cavalli play out their fierce rivalry in a series of breathless races. Their fast-paced story heats up, as other determined racers appear to challenge their track supremacy. In R: Racing, you will drive more than 35 real-world vehicles that allow for upgrades and modifications, in 14 tracks from real-world and fantasy locations.
  • Overview

    Real world vehicles.

    36 (37 in the Xbox version) real-world vehicles, like the BMW M3 GTR, allow for upgrades and modifications.

    Real and fantasy based tracks.

    14 tracks from real-world and fantasy locations, from Suzuka to Monaco.

    Racing styles.

    8 different racing styles, including GT, Rally, and Drag.

    5 game modes.

    Explore the game in differnt game modes including Racing Life (Story Mode, where you start from the lower ranks of the professional circuit, and are trained to become the best driver in different style modes), Time Attack, Arcade, and Versus.

    Interactive AI.

    New "Interactive Driver AI System" enhances realistic racing situations.

    In-game radio communications.

    Receive incoming transmissions from crewmembers and rival drivers.


    Reward Point (RP) System allows for power-ups and unlocking new cars.

    Car Dealer.

    Buy new cars directly from the Car Dealer.

    Customise your car.

    Modify and enhance your cars in the Performance Shop to gain an advantage over your opponents.

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