Reckless Racing for iPhone and iPod Touch


Made to maximize the Retina Display, the state-of-the-art visuals will make your eyes bug out as you skid, slip, and slide in traditional top-down racing style. Challenge your buddies in online multiplayer, and get ready to go. It's the dirt-road racing game everyone's been waiting for on the iPhone & iPod touch!

Designed from the get-go to with eye-popping graphic quality, the visual details will really make you feel like you're rolling in the mud deep in the heart of Dixie. And get a load of how Reckless Racing looks with the Retina Display!

Learn the basics as a beginner and choose from a variety of driving controls. Move up through Bronze, Silver, and Gold difficulty levels.. Race across 5 amazingly detailed tracks against rigs controlled by some outrageous in-game characters. Unlock the reverse tracks and race ‘em again!

Take on the Dirt Rally, Hot Lap time trial, or Delivery time trial. Beat other drivers or beat the clock. Post your best times in the online leaderboards and trade ghost races with players from all over the world. Chat functionality is also built in!

  • Overview
    • Race across 5 tracks, forward and reverse
    • Take on 6 in-game player characters with individual cars
    • Drive in Beginner or Advanced modes
    • Access 3 difficulty settings – Bronze, Silver, and Gold
    • Race 3 different ways – Dirt Rally, Hot Lap Time Trial, and Delivery Time Trial
    • Access Internet (WiFi / 3G) real-time Multiplayer in Dirt Rally and Hot Lap games
    • Post your results in online leaderboards
    • Chat with friends while you race
  • All Platforms