Reckless Racing for iPad


Designed just for iPad! The dirt-road racing game you've been waiting for!

Reckless Racing blends the finest top-down racer style with HD-quality graphics that are so stunning you'll shout, "Oowee!" Skid, slip and slide through down-and-dirty racetracks with precision iPad controls, and challenge friends in online multiplayer.

With iPad you get 8 tracks (3 more than iPhone & iPod touch!) for the biggest range of Reckless Racing available. You'll be hootin' and hollerin' along with Bubba and company in no time flat! Hold on tight and get ready to go. Yeah!

  • Overview
    1. 8 tracks that you can play forward or in reverse
    2. 6 characters with individual cars
    3. 2 driving models-Beginner & Advanced
    4. 3 AI difficulty settings-Bronze, Silver & Gold
    5. Selection of paint colors for your car
    6. Dirt Rally mode: 6 car race over 3 or 4 laps
    7. Hot Lap mode: time trial with multiple ghosts (session best, all time best, and downloaded)
    8. Delivery mode: a pick-up-and-deliver game on a custom map
    9. Internet (WiFi / 3G) real-time Multiplayer on Dirt Rally and Hot Lap game types
    10. Online leaderboards
    11. Chat functionality
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