RISK: Factions for Facebook

The war has begun on Facebook! RISK: Factions is here to turn your friends and enemies into frenemies.

Play as a variety of factions with unique abilities and powerful special weapons. Build up your base to produce all the troops necessary to take on your foes. Conquer continents, maps, and entire worlds to show everyone you mean business.  In RISK: Factions, it’s not the size of your Donkey Cannon… it’s how you use it.

Show everyone that you are the RISK Master.  Play RISK: Factions!

  • Overview
    • Special Weapons. Take out your enemies with a variety of weapons.  Call in the Cavalry for support or blind your enemies with a cloud of Cat Dander.
    • Choose a faction. Play as Humans, Zombies, Cats and more!  Each faction has unique abilities and special weapons to help your strategy.
    • Battle your friends.  Play against up to four of your friends. If your friends are not around, make some new frenemies by jumping into a game at random!
    • Build a secure base.  Use your base to train soldiers, build special weapons and generate fuel. All your world-conquering needs, in one convenient location!
    • Conquer worlds. Take over territories, continents and worlds. No need to do it one at a time. You can wage war on four maps at a time!