The Lord of the Rings: Conquest™


For the first time, an extensive single-player campaign lets players ask the question: “What if Frodo failed to destroy the One Ring?”
  • Overview

    In this exciting, action strategy game, players fight on the side of both Good and Evil in all the biggest battles from The Lord of the Rings movies. The Battlefront format allows them to switch between characters at will, to suit the circumstance or their style, reliving – and even reinventing – the chaotic and engrossing conflicts from the films as they choose how best to tackle their objectives and defeat their enemies.

    • Evil Campaign
      For the first time, play as Evil characters in a brand new, 'Evil' campaign. Battle through scenarios after Frodo failed to destry the One Ring: it's good to be bad!
    • Choose How You Fight
      Acclaimed gameplay in a fantasy setting allows players to choose the way they fight, as Warrior, Archer, Mage or Scout in melee and ranged combat
    • Online Multiplayer
      Pick your allegiance then battle in 16-player online clashes, or in 4-player co-op campaigns
    • Local Multiplayer
      Split-screen with up to 4 players competitively or 2 players co-op
    • Huge Cast
      An extensive cast of characters and weapons adds great depth to the gameplay: Heroes, Wargs, Ents, Oliphaunts, Cave-trolls, the Balrog, Nazgul, ballistae, and more!
  • Nintendo DS
    • Fight for Good or play an all-new Evil campaign — What if Sauron regained the Ring?
    • Battle for Middle-earth as an archer, warrior, or mage.
    • Unlock and play as Aragorn, Ringwraiths, and other heroes and giants.
    • Wage war with or against a friend over Wi-Fi.


  • Platforms: PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360, PC Download
  • Platforms: Nintendo DS