The Sims Livin It Up

Put your Sims into outrageous situations and settings with The Sims™ Livin' It Up. New objects, careers, building styles and characters give you the freedom to send your Sims' lives into extreme directions where they'll confront everything from cockroach infestations to alien abductions. Create a wild new world for your Sims and see what happens.
The Sims
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    More building styles

    New building options will have you creating a whole range of homes, from a tacky love shack to a spooky castle to a high tech "home of the future".

    125 new items

    Experiment with/on your Sims with 8 potions in the Home Chemistry Set, grant your Sim a wish or two with the Magic Lamp, "play in bed" with the Vibromatic Heart Bed.

    New characters

    Purchase a robot to help around the house or plead with the Grim Reaper to spare a Sim's life.

    More neighborhoods

    Build up to 50 homes for your Sims with the addition of four new neighbourhoods.

    5 new careers

    Looking for a career change for your Sim? Explore new career paths with the addition of the Slacker, the Journalist, the Paranormal, the Hacker or really rock by pursuing a career as a Musician.

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