The Sims Superstar

In The Sims™ Superstar Expansion Pack, The Sims are ready for their close-up. Players can now realise their fantasies of fame and fortune as they pursue the dream of being a Rock Star, Movie Star or a Supermodel and live the lifestyle of a celebrity. All new gameplay, new social interactions, and a whole new in-game destination offers players an all access pass to the world of superstardom. Will your Sim become an icon or fade into the obscurity of bad dinner theater? Will they win a coveted Simmy award or be regulated to an infomercial? In The Sims Superstar, you are the idol maker.
The Sims
  • Overview

    New gameplay

    All new gameplay centered around your Sims' Fame Score.

    From a Nobody to a Superstar

    Build skills and win famous friends to advance through ten levels of fame, from "Nobody" to "Superstar".

    New social interactions

    Over a dozen new social interactions allow you to schmooze, network, and name drop with other celebrities, including signing autographs and staging photo opportunities.

    New location

    All-new Studio Town location, in three distinct themes: acting, music, and fashion.

    New objects

    New studio objects, each with mini-games, reward you with fame and large amounts of cash.

    Earn access to higher level objects

    Earn access to higher level objects as you earn more fame and collect famous friends.

    Studio objects include

    Karaoke Machine, Open Microphone Stage, Soap Opera Set, Music Recording Studio, Photo Shoot Set, Film Set, Music Video Set, and Fashion Runway.

    Travel in style

    Take a variety of limousines to the studios each day and work your way through the ranks as an actor, singer, or model.

    Pamper your Sims

    Pamper your Sims at the spa with a brand new suite of objects including the Massage Table, the Mud Bath, the Spa Steamer, and the Oxygen Bar.

    At home

    Indulge in a huge Skydiving Simulator, a Satellite Dish (which adds channels to your existing televisions), a Massage Chair, and new furniture, sculpture, and art.

    Win Awards

    Win a variety of awards for achieving gameplay goals, including The Simmy Award and the Sim Choice Award.

    Meet new characters

    Hire a butler, a masseuse, or fend off an obsessed fan.

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